OPTY OFFSHORE ENGINEERING was founded in 2023 by Aleksandra and Aleksander Plucinski after returning from a 15-year stay in Norway, where they both spent that time working on many key offshore industry projects in renowned design offices in Oslo. The following projects could be mentioned:


Athena, BW Cidade de São Vicente, Bream, Bressay, Dana, Deep Producer, Frøy, Goliat, HoneyBee, Hummingbird, Knock Allan, Leviathan, P63 / Papa Terra, Penguins, Piemier Catcher, Pioneer, Sendje Berge, Voyageur Spirit, Wisting,



Accomodation units

Arendal Spirit,

Drilling units

Moss CS60, Eirik Raude, Marc II, Olympia,

Offshore Loading Buoy

Santa Maria, UTS Platform,

we have been involved in projects during work in companies:

Inocean AS, Sevan SSP, Moss Maritime, Global Maritime, ECOnnect Energy

These projects include conversions of existing units and adapting them to new tasks assigned by ship owners or were new units designed from scratch. Production and storage units (FPSO/FSO), drilling units, accommodation units or other specialized offshore structures such as platforms for pumping gas/other substances (offshore loading buoy implemented for ECOnnect Energy) or elements of foundations for windmills/ships for their transport and assembly (offshore wind). The experience gained while performing calculations and drawings of steel structures are a solid basis for the future development of OPTY Offshore Engineering.