We offer preparation of technical documentation, including finite element calculations and concept/classification drawings of offshore/ship structures. We prepare drawings in AutoCAD and calculations in DNV Sesam Software. We also offer modelling 3D FEM models of steel structures based on documentation from the client.

We have experience and will undertake calculations and drawings in the field of structures such as:

  • ship hull
  • conversions of ships to offshore units
  • floating platforms
  • steel foundations for offshore windmills
  • all types of other innovative types of units
  • all types of foundations for ship equipment (foundations for modules, cranes, mooring devices, platforms, flare towers, etc.)
  • sponsons on ship shell/platform pontoons or blisters on platform columns
  • cantliver platforms
  • elements of equipment for vessels, including superstructures, chain lockers, platforms located on the main decks, module structures, flare towers, pipe supports, bulwark, towing/mooring equipment etc.

Life Time Extension

We have the experience to undertake calculations to extend the life of existing units (DNV, ABS classification).

Our experience comes from being involved in conversion projects of several FPSO units where we performed calculations for the renewal criteria for longitudinal strength and fatigue strength calculations (P63 / Papa Terra, Leviathan, Sendje Berge).

Consulting and Supervision

Our experience is based on strong experience resulting from work on over 30 offshore units in one of the best design offices in Norway. We had the honor of being part of their design process. Work with engineers from all over the world was an invaluable experience. Experience on many projects and in cooperation with other entities gives us the opportunity to offer advice and supervise the work performed by other contractors. We provide assistance to our clients to ensure that projects implemented by others are of the highest quality.